Our Night in Green, White and Red

Last night we got into the world cup fever watching the game of Mexico vs the Netherlands, of course all our support was to Mexico. We wore our green t-shirts, made nachos, guacamole, had some lemon-lime & bitters and yummy snacks.

Even when at the end Mexico got eliminated, it was a great game which kept me very awake the entire time. It started at midnight and finished at 2am on Monday morning, so I had a couple of hours of sleep before I went to work. Yes, my best friend today was coffee, coffee, coffee.

I took a few photos but as there was no good light at that time of the day I did a little bit of editing to give them more light and make those colours more vibrant (all this in Photoshop). I also made a quick handwritten sign.










Quick tip – every time I edit a photo (I pretty much edit all my photos), I start with the exposure. The more light the better!





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