Mexican Doors

Last time i visited Mexico was in June 2012, I went for a total of six weeks which might sound like a big break but time always seems short when is spent with people you love. Anyway, Mexico is not a big country (tinny in comparison to the size of Australia), but every city and every little town is different and has lots of character.

I went to a small place called ‘San Miguel de Allende’, its a beautiful little city that has that ‘home feeling’. All the houses have gorgeous carved wood doors and it is all covered in warm colours. The main three ones are brown, red and orange with a few splashes of yellow and the green coming from the big trees.







In the heart of SMA (San Miguel de Allende), you can find the gothic style ‘Parroquia de San Miguel Arcangel’ surrounded by coffee shops and restaurants. Another characteristic of this charming city are its narrow and cobbled streets.



San Miguel is a quiet but fascinating place that even when it doesn’t offer a ‘beach break’ as it is located in central Mexico, its colonial architecture attracts tourists mainly from Canada and USA.










Pretty, isn’t it?. I will bring you a bit more of Mexico and its colours in future posts.

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La ultima vez que visite Mexico fue en Junio del 2012, fui por un total de seis semanas, las cuales han de sonar como un largo periodo de vacaciones, pero el tiempo siempre parece muy corto cuando se pasa con personas que uno ama. Volviendo al tema del viaje, Mexico no es un país muy grande (muy pequeño comparado con el tamaño de Australia), sin embargo, cada ciudad y cada pueblo es diferente y tienen mucha personalidad.

Fui a un lugar llamado San Miguel de Allende, es una pequeña ciudad muy agradable que tiene un ambiente cálido. Todas las casas tienen hermosas puertas de madera grabadas y el lugar completo es predominado por colores terrosos, siendo los tres principles el cafe, rojo y naranja con unos toques de amarillo y el verde proveniente de las plantas y arboles que rodean las calles.







En el centro de SMA (San Miguel de Allende), se puede encontrar la parroquia de estilo gótico de SanMiguel Arcángel, la cal es rodeada por cafeterias y restaurantes. Otra característica de esta encantadora ciudad son sus calles estrechas y empedradas.

San Miguel es un lugar tranquilo pero fascinante que aun sin ofrecer vacaciones de playa debido a su ubicación en el centro de Mexico, su colonial arquitectura atrae turistas principalmente de Canada y Estados Unidos.











4 thoughts on “Mexican Doors

  1. Tania Behr says:

    It looks beautiful Kena. When I was in Spain the doors and cobbled alley ways where the things that really caught my attention. More pictures would be wonderful and you are right 6 weeks go quickly when you are visiting family and friends.

  2. deannasallao says:

    hey there! i’m loving your recent posts!
    I also blogged about The Ultimate Guide for a Stress-Free #PreparationforVacation. I would also like to ask how do you prepare for your much-awaited vacation? Do you just pack-and-go? or you want everything to be organized?

    here’s what my recent post is all about…

    would be so nice to hear from you! 🙂

    cheers! xx

    deanna ( )

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