It’s Snowing in Australia

Well, I heard that apparently you can find snow in Australia. I couldn’t believe it so I had too see it. Yep, believe it or not there is!.


At first, I thought the ski resorts wouldn’t bee good, because, come on, how much snow can you really get in a place which is known as being all about sunshine and waves? the answer…a lot and pretty good places to visit.

I’m currently in Victoria, Australia. In Mt. Buller to be exact and right now I’m shaking the snowflakes off my jacket as I write. It has been snowing for the last two days, for at least half of the day.

Mt Buller ski resort it’s big, has 22 rides with great areas for kids, beginners and those pro ones. Surprisingly, the prices at the cafes are very reasonable but if you look for either accommodation or health care do not get it here; the best option is a little town called Mansfield which is less than 30 minutes away, there you can find great places to eat, drink and stay. I have found so far an awesome pizza place, great bakery and delicious coffee.


To go to the ski fields, you get the option to either catch a bus, taxi or drive your own vehicle, however, there are a few things to consider. If you have a 2wd is very likely that you’ll need snow chains (depends on the weather conditions), but if your car is a 4wd then you have nothing to worry about. There is also a fee that needs to be paid at the bottom of the mountain (you can find all the prices in their website).

This time, the best option for us was to drive. The roads are very good, well maintained and wide. And the best of all is the beautiful view you get; everything is green, sheep farms all along the way. You might also spot koalas, wombats and kangaroos too.

I say that to hire equipment is better to do it at Mansfield. The Discount Ski Hire has pretty good prices and they are open from 6:30am (on weekdays…what?!). Gear can also be hired at the mountain but my only advise is to look and ask for specials, there are always some. Same thing with the lift tickets, specially if they are bought online.

I got to Mt Buller on Tuesday morning, spent the afternoon having snowfights and building snow mans. Wednesday morning my alarm went on at 6am but of course I had to snooze it for extra 30 minutes (at the end of the day I’m still on holidays, right?), got my gear on and spent the entire day snowboarding. Today, it’s been planned to be again a full day in the slopes; and my legs…oh my god…are just unbelievable sore but I have had to relax the muscles with a couple of drinks (yes, at breakfast, and will have some at lunch and dinner…I’m on holidays remember?).





Tomorrow will be a beautiful white day hitting the slopes, although, I have to admit that it doesn’t matter how many days I spend here, when getting off the lift chairs I bet you my face will be kissing the snow…arrrgghh!

It’s good to be back to where I can appreciate winter at its fullest. I forgot the feeling of been at the top of the mountain, full of fresh and soft snow, sipping hot chocolate, going down the mountain on the board…it’s a wonderful thing and what can I say about the view you get? just amazing, huge gumtrees covered in snow with a bonus…wombats! I know, crazy hey!

White Days


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