10 Tips to Learn a Second Language

If one of your 2017 resolutions is learning a new language you came to the right place to help you achieve the goal.

Knowing a second language is fantastic! I cannot recommend it enough. If you have decided to learn a second language or have ever thought about the possibility of doing so I encourage you to do it and follow these easy 10 tips

  1. First things first, things only workout if we have a plan. Schedule time of your day to focus only on the study. As much or as little time available you might have, everything counts
  2. Be consistent and stick to that schedule
  3. On your way to work turn the radio on but in the right station. For example, if you want to learn Spanish, why not tune the Spanish news, yes, you might not understand a single thing just yet but this will help you getting to know the sounds and accents
  4. Use post-it notes around your house or office to label things and objects in the language you are learning. Most of us are very visual, and having the notes as a reminders will quickly help you learn the words
  5. Set a goal, this can be to learn a phrase every day or week
  6. Feeling brave? why not changing the language setting of your mobile or laptop
  7. Make it fun (and yummy). Why not arranging a date night in a restaurant of the language you want to learn. Take your time checking the menu and you could even put your studies to a test by ordering the meal in that language
  8. Play some music! (This might lead to a drink and a dance #win-win)
  9. Easy reads. Browse online or through magazines, and;
  10. Do not give up. Give yourself a time frame. Maybe you would like to study for a year, 6 months or even 3.

And lastly, enjoy the journey.


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