How to Travel More

Do you want to travel more this 2017? I got you some tips to get you started

1- Set a date

Yep, doesn’t matter if there aren’t enough funds in your bank account yet. Having a set date will make the desire of travelling real and you’ll have a motivation to start saving up for the upcoming trip 🙂 I know that this sounds a bit confronting, most of us like to wait to have the funds or that ‘something’ that makes us realise it’s the right time to book holidays but believe me, once you have the date set, even if that means not ticket yet, but just an entry in your calendar, it makes a HUGE difference to your mindset… it becomes real!

2- Do some research

Visit airline and travel agencies websites to see what specials they have on offer. Nowadays you can find unveliabable cheap flights. You can also join their mailing list to receive their specials

3- Be flexible with your dates

Is good to have a date in mind for when you would like to travel, however, it is good to keep that door open. The specials you can find online can be for random dates and/or low season. By being flexible with your dates you can save a lot $$.

4- Setup flight prices alerts

Once you have come up with a date for your next trip, visit websites like Skyscanner to get price alerts send directly to your email.

5- Special occasions/holidays

Airlines are like any other shop. They want to sell you a product, therefore, there will always be a promotion. Expect to find big deals on special occasions like Boxing day, etc.

6- Be realistic and have your priorities right

Come up with an approximately budget you would be comfortable to spend and define your travel style. This will help you narrow your options in accommodation, food, transport, etc.

In my travels I have learned that sometimes you have to give-up on something to gain something else. For example why not skipping that fancy hotel so you can do a longer tour or maybe budgeting your meals (or even alcohol intake) so you can have that full day on a beautiful spa?

7- Put your geography knowledge to a test

Are there any places closer to home that you would like to visit? sometimes starting with the nearest or even the not so popular places will guarantee you a better deal for your entire trip; meaning that you will have room to travel later on (or not too late 😉 )

8- Its who you know

Do you have friends or relatives living in a different city or another country? great way to start an adventure!

9- No regrets

Do it! travel. It does not matter if its a weekend getaway or you are taking a gap year. Take that holiday you want and make yourself happy.


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