Yoga and Art by PIAF

Sunday morning was something different, I attended a yoga session but not just any yoga session, this one was a beautiful one which took place at Winthrop Hall at the UWA and was brought by the PIAF 2017.

To begin, I new it would be in a beautiful area as UWA has this mix of beautiful architecture and green and leafy trees, however, the team organising the event did a great job delivering a perfect setting.



The Classic Flow Yoga started at 7am where everyone had their mats lying on the grass pointing to the stage where Lara Zilibowitz the yoga instructor and the musicians where guiding us to connect mind, body and sound and bringing us together to celebrate the arts, creativity and health.


While we moved from downward-facing dog to chaturanga, there were three yoga instructors off the stage, walking around the audience and helping everyone achieve the poses. I thought that was a very good thing to have!

35 minutes into the session the sun started to come out and was another element to enjoy during the morning. It did get warm…ok, very warm that some people had to look for shady spots but everything seemed to have a natural flow and there was no moment where the good energy stopped flowing.

After about 90 minutes, we reach the savasana point…oh the feeling! when the body feels in complete harmony with itself and the environment. It got a thousand times better when children’s choir made their way to the stage and sang beautiful notes to make that very moment something else.

A few minutes late, everyone would have slowly came back to seated cross legged position, finishing on a high note chanting the powerful Om with the support of the children’s choir. Letting all those vibrations fill the body and sets our mood right for the day ahead.

We then finished with the well known Namaste gesture and once completed the practice we could head over to one of the vendors to get some healthy breakfast or a coffee.

The session was fantastic, besides having the beautiful sounds of the chelo and piano, we also had the wind, birds and the calm voice of Lara who provided the audience with great yoga instructions and shared her knowledge throughout the session.



The morning was a perfect combination of vinyasa flow and classical music during the Chamber Music Series presented by the Perth International Arts Festival 2017.

Oh did I say it was a free event? yes it was with easy online pre-registration. It can’t get better than that!

If you would like to see what tother events the PIAF 2017 its offering, heat to their website:

About Lara Zilibowitz – Based in Sydney, Lara is a yoga teacher and artist who has been doing yoga since the age of 16. She delivers mainly yoga retreats but has a wide portfolio of yoga events.

She is a lululemon Ambassador, has been part of the great Wanderlust 108 festival and her latest thing is the yoga and classical music in collaboration with ABC Classic 2

Check out Lara’s website to find out more about her, the yoga she offers and the retreats and special events where you can find her.







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