Wonderful Wanderlust 108

Last year I got introduced to Wanderlust 108. If you haven’t heard about it  as yet, let me tell you a little bit of what it is about.

Wanderlust 108 is a wellness festival with a main focus on yoga and meditation. The event consist on a full day of 5km run, yoga and meditation; incorporating elements like acroyoga, music, hula-hoop and yummy healthy food vendors.

On your arrival, you get your ticket scanned and receive a big sticker with an ID number, which you can put on your clothes. Then the run is announced, everyone gets to form a line and 1 minute later… off you go! The run/walk is at your own pace; the only competence is with yourself.

The run finishes back in the main area, which is full of food stalls, meditation spots, and different areas that offer small workshops (yoga, hula-hoop, etc). It is now the time where you follow your own schedule, take some small sessions, or wonder around.

When the time of the main yoga session is up you will know, as they announce it very well and you get enough time to get a spot. I found the session very very good, it was an easy vinyasa flow with some bits of challenging parts but easy enough for all kind of yogis to follow.

Once the yoga session has been completed, you get a few minutes break where you can get comfy and ready for the meditation part. I love to bring a scarf or yoga blanket and either sit-down or let down, it helps me concentrate better.

After the meditation you feel wonderful, but the day is not over yet, the party continues with a DJ playing, organizers and volunteers cheering up making a great ambience, perfect for taking a few pics and some cheeky selfies.

There are a number of things I find to be positives of the festival:

  • they take the events around the world so they aren’t based in one place only,
  • the schedule is easy to follow and you can create your own timetable (once registered with the app),
  • the run is doable of only 5kms which you can walk if you prefer,
  • prices are affordable,
  • they bring to each event new and exciting things related to wellbeing,
  • events are based on a easy-access locations and the duration is only one day.

A day out in Wanderlust 108 is vibrant, everything is very layback, however, the day seems easy, relaxing and energetic.

If you visit the Wanderlust webpage, they have fantastic topics in articles, links and videos that I believe you’ll find something of your interest.

You can also find their current schedule of all upcoming events (current dates show Mexico, USA, Chile & Australia).


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