Taking on the #VanLife

Latest news: Mark and I have decided to change our lifestyle and move…into a van.

The story behind this new chapter in our life is something like this…

Like many people, I have always had the wish to pack a handful of clothes into my backpack, get into a van (van, campervan, caravan, whatever you want to call it) and just go.

Well, the last few years, this thing has been buzzing into my head but not just that, I slowly saw and evolution in my persona. I started to notice that I no longer enjoy shopping the way I used to, I am not crazy about big brands, very fancy stuff…it is just not me. I have realized that I know myself way better now and I am craving some new experiences.

At the end of 2016 I did a little bit of home wares shopping which only gave me a sense of joy for like 5 minutes (top), I was under a lot of stress, had a lot of things going on in my personal life and lost my beautiful and crazy little Tiggy (cat). So there were really a lot of things and situations that seemed to be falling apart. Not very nice things were happening to people I knew, and a lot of them found me as their confident – which I truly appreciate, it is so meaningful but they were extra bits that I was taking in.

Long story short. One night I just said to Mark: “what do you think about we moving into a van?” I mean, Mark is a person who loves the world, being without four walls, doing things, climbing, skating, jumping, camping, you name it. He is up for all kind of exciting adventures.

I thought, if I say this to Mark he will immediately jump to the opportunity. This is soooo his “thing”. So there I was, knowing that as soon as I say those words, it would mean that we will end up changing our lifestyle completely.

To my surprise, Mark’s response was “Are you sure?” then of course he said yes but keep on questioning me if that was what I want. When I saw his answer it kind of made me think…”Am I F%*”ing loosing my mind?” for the first time I was the one coming up with this random and crazy idea, but since the very beginning I knew that is what I wanted and what my spirit needs.

I have to admit, those two minutes were the only ones I doubted myself (and my sanity) after that…it just felt right.

So now here we are, packing stuff, selling some others and finally purchased the van a couple of weeks ago and still hasn’t been a dull moment. We just continue on getting more and more excited and looking forward having a more simple life.

We are very aware that it won’t be all amazing and Instagram life like, but the adventure is calling us and we are full of excitement to take on to the new experience.

Keep on watching this space to see our progress with the conversion of the van and see how long we can actually survive the #VanLife.

Ideas, similar experiences, suggestions… all welcome! We are completely new to this.


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