VanLife: The Conversion

Looking for a challenging project? Try converting a van into a campervan…oh the fun!  😆 Ok, being honest, converting the van has been a fun time for us but it also comes with moments of stress.

We have been doing the conversion while trying to move out of the house, clean the house, go to work everyday, study, exercise and still have a social life. Which, it can be overwhelming at times but it is also very exciting and challenging.

On the good side, we have been learning new things and taking our time to do some research for the areas we are not too familiar with (like the electrical parts argh!).

I have to admit that at the moment, Mark is the one putting the time and effort, my input comes in late, when we talk about layout, purchases, etc.

Ok so here is what we’ve done so far:

The very first step was to close all the windows and pour water on the van with a hose, to see if there were any holes that needed to be patched…all good here, we can keep moving on.

The windows on the sides of the van have been painted black and a couple of them will be completely cover with insulation and wood, so it gives us a wall as a result, where we will be able to mount shelves and built cabinets, this will also add to the privacy.

windows have been painted black

Then we came up with a lists of must have items/areas in the van to start drafting the design. We decided what electrical items we need to have and are most likely to use everyday, by finding this out, we know how much power we will require and the best way to do so.

Next step…solar panels and dual battery are installed and tested…electrics are sorted!!! (all thanks to Mark).

battery is installed and tested

Now the insulation can be completed, the bed frame goes in, and we continue with building the frames for the bench and storage we will need.

more insulation

insulated floor and back door

the van starting to get wood to create a wall

wood goes in to cover windows and insulation


So far so good!


4 thoughts on “VanLife: The Conversion

  1. tbehr2017 says:

    I hear your pain. Chris has done many a car and van which can be fun but always takes time and money! It will be great when you have finished and you can start enjoying it. Look forward to the next update!

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