VanLife: A Night Away. What Went Wrong and What Went Good

So we decided to take the van out for a night. Turns out things aren’t working… 😂😂😂 ok, ok they are but we really need so much organisation.

We travelled to Gingin WA, a cute little town not far away from Perth. The whole idea of the trip was to get a feeling for what things we would need in the van and how everything that is already in place will function.

panoramic view

So… thumbs up for the electricity work it is fantastic. Those solar panels are one of the best assets of the van.

The bed, fantastic!!! 5 star accommodation, or better. It’s so comfortable, we had the beauty of the milky way shining for us and our location gave us 360-degree views from the area.


We had water, but without a doubt, the VanLife will be way better once the sink and running water are installed.

The closet was excellent! I had tons of space to hang my clothes and even some of Marks.

Mark loves fires so we spend 4 hours around the fire, just talking, relaxing, having dinner, and yes, you guessed, roasting marshmallows.

What it didn’t work so much was the storage we  setup under the bed, we kind of knew it wouldn’t work, but being in the van full time proved us that we need to really figure out how to organise the space under the bed.

van interior


Good news is that there is a lot of room in there, the hard part is to decide what is the most efficient way for storage. We have at the moment setup an ottoman which eventually will have wheels and can slide forward, for now we had to drag the whole thing…not ideal.

On the sides of the ottoman there are 2 shelving units with 4 different compartments, they were useful but I am not 100% sure about them as yet. It might change when the ottoman has wheels and provides better access to the storage on the side.

The whole back of the van is pretty much empty, for this mini trip we just had camping chairs, hula hoops and wood for the fire. So it is something we really need to work on this upcoming weeks.

Another difficult part was the kitchen cabinets, and again, we knew this but gave us a clear idea of how we need to store things in this area. We are definitely trying to add  some draws on different sizes. Good organisation in the kitchen area is crucial!

van interior

Talking about fuel and speed, for our surprise nothing changed much, which believe me, is a good thing! the van ran smoothly, and it was very good to see that it didn’t used that much fuel at all! I was expecting that with all the weight we added, we would be needing to have a big budget for fuel, or diesel I should say, but luckily no dramas in that aspect.

The little test trip we’ve done definitely gave us more clarity on the direction we want to go with the conversion.

Test day: success but with must needed updates.

Any ideas on storage organisation?? looking forward to hear from you and until next time 🙂

fire, sunset and home


3 thoughts on “VanLife: A Night Away. What Went Wrong and What Went Good

  1. Fadanista says:

    I think drawers work much better than cupboards when travelling, so good idea to add some. As to the bed. Is it possible to put it on hydraulic struts so you can lift it up? This was you can store everything in tubs and they will be accessible. Otherwise, tubs on wheels might work, much like the ottoman. Your van is looking really good and I can’t wait for the next instalment!

    • kena says:

      The hydraulic struts are such a good idea, how cool would that be? We will definitely consider that. Yes tubs on wheels are good! And i think you can even get drawers like that. I think i need to spend some time checking more storage solutions online and see if so.ething works for us 😊

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