6 Reasons Why You Should Visit Vancouver


The charming streets of Gastown will steal your heart. This area is a mix of old buildings, cobble stoned streets, restaurants, cafes, bars and all types of shops, including souvenirs.

Stanley Park

400 hectare rainforest with 200 kilometres of walking and cycling paths. But Stanley park is much more than that, it offers tourist an visitors great experiences from historical landmarks, cafes, aquarium, beaches, and the list continues.



Believe it or not, the pizza in Vancouver is delicious and there are so many pizza shops. It is very common for people to grab a slice of pizza on the go.

Breath Taking Views

You can have ocean and mountains at the same time. The views in Vancouver are jaw dropping at all times. The city has also stunning lakes, hots springs and waterfalls.

view from mountain

Maple Syrup and Trees

But of course! the streets of the city are beautiful all year round covered on maple trees, it is beautiful to see them changing through the four seasons.


The Capilano suspension bridge is a stunning spot! you can walk through the bridge while enjoying being surrounded by a marvellous forest.

Capitano bridge


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