5 Must-Haves for Cinco de Mayo

Put your sombrero on and prepare for a big fiesta with the following must have items to celebrate Cinco de Mayo

Although this date is not really celebrated in Mexico, it is a big day in the USA, a day full of colour, music, friends and delicious food.

I could think of a hundred things to have in a Mexican celebration, however, these are the five must have things for a killer Cinco de Mayo fiesta.

piñatas in the Mexican markets


Piñatas are so much fun. Fill them up with lollies and fruits and let all your guests have a good time.



I mean, do I have to explain this? tacos are super tasty and you can get really creative with their fillings. What about setting up a taco bar?


Margaritas and Corona

Yum! I couldn’t choose only one and why should I? both are de-li-cious. Ensure you have plenty of lime and lemon wedges near your drinks, besides being the perfect companion they can become part of the decoration.


Guacamole and corn chips

This is everyone’s favourite! and a healthy snack to have around.


Colourful Decorations

Make them bright and colourful. Ensure there are lots of papel picado (paper-cutting Mexican art), you can hang them from the ceiling, add flowers and succulents, balloons, etc.


If you haven’t had a Mexican themed party, this is your chance. Why not trying a Cinco de Mayo party? good fun and good food 🙂



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