Yoga Festival Must Packs (with a free printable)

Before you go donward-facing dog here and there, get your packing right for your next yoga festival and enjoy the chaturanga!

Below is the list of the standard items you are most likely to need. You can also download the free printable Yoga-Fest-Packing-List

  • yoga mat
  • sunscreen
  • bottle of water
  • sunnies
  • hat
  • gym towel
  • cash
  • a small snack (I tend to take a protein ball or dry nuts).
  • mobile pone
  • lipstick (for selfie time 😉)
  • yoga throw (or scarf) comes very handy at the Savasana part
  • freshener wipes

Some of the extras you might like to have are: book, journal, yoga blocks, headband, bug repellent.

It is a good idea to wear layered clothes, especially when some of the events take place at the beach, where it can get breezy or in the woods where it gets a bit chilly.

Tip – Not all yoga festivals are the same, so it is always better to check with the event organizers. Some places don’t allow big lenses cameras, others no plastic bottles, etc. Or there might not be lockers available. So better to get informed beforehand.

To give you an idea of some of the yoga and wellness festivals out there, check out the post Wonderful Wanderlust 108 or BaliSpirit Festival


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