Aussie Slangs (vol.2)

The first time I brought you some Aussie slangs, they were very poplar! and I’m so glad because it is something I really like sharing with you.

Australian accent is unique, very strong for someone listening for the first time, and it gets 10 times harder to understand when they add their much beloved slangs.

ok so, here we go:

Ace! = Excellent!
Aussie = Australian
Avos = Avocados
Bail out = depart
Barbie = barbecue
Beaut or beauty = great
Bikkie = biscuit
Brizzie = Brisbane
Bush telly = campfire
Bushy = someone who lives in the bush
Chokkie = chocolate
Cockie – cockroach
Cranky = in a bad mood
Deadset = true
Dill = idiot
Dipstick = looser
Docket = a bill
Doc = Documentary
Fair go = A chance
Goon onya = well done
Heaps = a lot
Jumbuck = sheep
knock back = refuse
Longneck = 750ml bottle of beer
Mate’s rate = good price for a friend
Not worth a zack = not worth anything
Offsider = assistant
Op shop = thrift shop
Pash = passionate kiss
Pav = pavlova (Australian dessert)
Piece of piss = easy
Polly = politician
Rack off = get lost
Rage = party
Rego = vehicle registration
Rooted = ruined
Snag = sausage
Spewin’ = very angry
Spunk = someone good looking
Stoked = excited
Yewy = u-turn

Australian slangs

Australian slangs



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