VanLife: The Conversion Continues

Oh boy! it feels like it has been ages since the last VanLife update, but the last couple of weeks just didn’t feel like we were achieving much, all the opposite, it felt like we went backwards somehow 😦

We (ok, Mark), organized for most of the furniture and appliances to be stored, given away or who knows, the fact is that at the moment, the house is looking emptied but messy…super messy.

packing boxes

We have a huge amount of clothes and small loose things on every single room in the house and this is driving me crazy. You see, I don’t deal with cluttering well. I think that to be able to be productive and calm, I must have a tidy space; untidy place = untidy brain I say.

The last few days have been all about clearing the house, we ordered the waste bin, which got filled within a day. And have been donating a big deal of clothes, shoes and appliances.

Anyway, the van is pretty much the same as before. After going away we found out the modification we needed and the areas that must be implemented, since then, the kitchen cabinets need to be redesign.

We decided to leave the two full doors, however, there will be draws in one side  (sink side), while the other one will be divided in half by a shelve. This work has just started, so will bring you a final product in a few more days.

draw plan

The footstool/seat under the bead has been fixed, it now has wheels and can be moved around easily even with lots of weight in it. This was always the intent; we just didn’t have time to sort it before going on the mini trip.

Biggest addition at this stage is the new invertor and tv setup. The invertor provides us power so we can run many things at once, we can have the tv on while using laptops and charging mobiles; it is really good. Even better when all the energy is coming from the solar panels


tv ready

We are almost there!


2 thoughts on “VanLife: The Conversion Continues

    • kena says:

      Very exciting! Im still at work and i have a few things to finish before i can take some time off. Hopefully that time will come soon

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