7 Reasons to Love Guadalajara City, Mexico

Guadalajara is the second largest city in Mexico. Life there is very active but very colorful and with plenty of things to do 24/7.

I lived in Guadalajara for quite a few years and had some of the best experiences there. Let me tell you 10 of the reason why that city and its lifestyle have a piece of my heart.


1 – Tequila!

blue agave

blue agave

But of course! Guadalajara (city), Jalisco (estate), is the home of this world famous drink.

There is in fact a town called Tequila in which most of the distilleries can be found.


2- Street food

Mexican food

Mexican food

Ten out of ten to the flavours of all the food that can be found in the street stalls.

There are hundreds of different foods, snacks and desserts. The food stalls can be found all day long and some have foods that can only be found in Guadalajara.


3 – Markets

colorful Mexican treats

colorful Mexican treats

Not just on the weekends but also during the week, there are thousands of markets happening around the city. Some have a theme while the majority sell everything you can imagine. From food, fashion, electronics, arts…seriously, everything.

The markets can be from 2-3 up to 8-10 streets long. Some are open during the mornings,while many others most of the day.


4 – Mariachi



There is no comparison to the sounds of a mariachi band.

The performance of a mariachi band is something unique that I believe everyone should experience. They are fantastic musicians that set the right mood on every party.

It is popular to find the mariachi bands in parties but also in diverse kind of restaurants.


5 – Football passion

football game

football game

If you didn’t know, let me tell you that football is one of the most important things in Mexico but when referring to Guadalajara, football is pure passion.

One of the biggest Mexican teams makes this city its home, therefore, when is football season, its all you see and hear in the city.

I have been on sports games in different countries but nothing compares to the energy and passion that is lived in the football stadium in Guadalajara. The place vibrates with all the cheering.


6 – Nightlife



Guadalajara city is covered in bars, restaurants and clubs. My favorites are the bars with live music.

Many of them clos between 1 and 3am, however, you always find some that stay open all night.

Guadalajara offers lots of hotspots for everyone that likes a little bit of party and good food. In that range you can always find the traditional Mexican bars best know as ‘cantinas’.



7 – Buildings



Architecture in Guadalajara is big. There’s a mix of modern infrastructures with old historical buildings, giving this city so much character.

It is great to see the contrast of areas you can find around the city. Downtown is very colorful and has so much history, while the newest areas are so crisp and modern.


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