VanLife: Move-in day

Move-in day in one word: damn!

Well, well, believe it or not, we are finally saying goodbye to the four walls to move into the four wheels home.


move-in day

move-in day


The van project is not even finalized as yet, in fact, we have a lot of elements that need refining, other areas are yet to be built, installed and bought. So yes, lots of things still to come.

Meanwhile, we are leaving the house. It seemed like it would never happen, but the day finally arrived and we were full of excitement.

The last four weeks were just dragging and Mark and myself were so over living in the house. And if that wasn’t enough, time seemed longer as we were running from doctor to doctor and had no time to invest in the van.

empty house

empty house

We have lived in about 5 different houses in the past seven years and the move-in – move-out time has always involved a lot of effort, however, this time has been different. It has come with so much more work.

The reason is because this time we needed so much more organization. We needed to figure out what items would be to store, what to sell, donate, throw away or keep in the van.

Our busiest time was, of course, the last week. When we thought we didn’t have many things left in the house…turned out we did, we had lots! so again, we had to get rid of stuff.

While doing that, we also had to leave the house ready, it is a big house, so there was plenty of work to keep us occupied and as the days started to get colder, same thing happened to our water system. The thing had a leak and we had no hot water…damn again.

If that wasn’t enough, we had a little and beautiful cat visiting us for a week and a half. The cute fatty wouldn’t go away, she decided to be at the house day and night, and yes, she even cuddled up in bed with us. Aww I was so falling for that cat but wishing she would go to her home and her owner would lock her up.

I got desperate not knowing what to do with the cat, of course I wanted to keep it, I mean, we were both falling for each other (clearly do’h), but I cannot have a cat in the van, no way. So, I went on a Facebook search and it took me one minute to find the owner, who was looking for “Saphy”.



Jemma came to pickup Saphy on Monday afternoon, four hours later, Saphy was back at my place and stayed there until the day after. I had to contact Jemma again and let her know what was happening.  I tried to ignore the poor cat, I mean, I had so much to do but yeah, I’m a softy when it comes to pets so I gave her so many cuddles, which obviously she loved. Anyway, we left the house and left Saphy with her owner. At least we are happy that she has a home and Jemma knew what Saphy was up to and were to find her.

After all that was sorted, we moved into the van! We were super excited for a few hours, then, we were wondering what was next, then excited again. We had a busy day that after having a dinner and  celebration drinks, we went to bed, at 8pm 😅.

kena waking up in the van

kena waking up in the van





One thought on “VanLife: Move-in day

  1. tbehr2017 says:

    Good luck to you both and enjoy the adventure!! You will have to show us some pics of the inside of the van when we catch up.x

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