VanLife: One Week In

Oh boy! One week already.



cozy van

cozy van

As you know, we had a few crazy busy days before moving into the van. So the first two nights Mark and I had mixed feelings, all in between happiness, excitement, nervousness and tiredness.

And just because it was our first week in, we decided to have celebrations every night (yep, any excuse πŸ˜‰).

I can tell you that the first two nights it felt quite estrange, but it quickly started to feel better.

We joined the library and discovered each of us could borrow up to 13 items so…yeah we took heaps of books and dvds which we haven’t touched. We totally over did it.

Mark had the tv setup in the van really well so it was totally and advantage at night. We think it might be one of the best assets for this winter. We have already have a couple of nights with light showers and one storm, but luckily not issues at all.

tv setup and South Park marathon

tv setup and South Park marathon

In regards food , it wasn’t hard to select and cook. The only hard part is that we haven’t bought a fridge, so we are using an esky. It works fine but for a short period.

Some of the meals we had:
-Cereal and milk
-Bacon and eggs
-Smoked salmon bruscheta
-Lots of fruit
-Steak and veggies

brekky on its way - bacon and eggs

brekky on its way – bacon and eggs

The bathroom and shower were not an issue surprisingly. Before starting the VanLife I got into the routine of waking up, getting ready for the gym and that is where i take advantage of their facilities. Seems to be working well.

It is a different story with Mark. He is not a big fan of gyms and hasn’t got a membership as yet but i believe is going to happen sooner than he thinks.

He is using public toilets, thankfully there are plenty around. We had to find public showers with hot water…not too many around. The idea is to buy a hot water system (yet to be decided) in the near future.

One of the highlights of the week is that we have all our stuff with us at all times, therefore, we started to hit the road just a little bit. Hopefully we will get to do this a lot more often.

strawberry farm

strawberry farm



Mark on weekend mood

Mark on weekend mood

This first week in, might have been the most challenging regarding organisation and the lack of running water. We had to wash all the dishes in public parks and got takeaways a couple of nights but it might be that are still early days but we just don’t feel stress about anything. The situation is going good and it can only improve, right?

Things that are coming up for us:
Install sink
Finish kitchen
Buy fridge

To be the first week, we were very happy on how everything went. Despite the cold mornings, the van is cozy, organised and private.



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