One Month Living the VanLife

It might be that it is early days still or might be that our soul is made for this, but a month has already gone and we  are enjoying the van life more than we thought we would.

time away from the city - happy life

time away from the city – happy life

I know that a month doesn’t sound like much but without even realizing we are quickly adapting to our new lifestyle.

It is something we found out after fifteen days, when we  house-sat for two nights. They were the only two nights back into a house and i got so tired.

Housework was a lot! each of us used about 4 different cups within 2 hours, plates, cutlery, fry pans, blankets, towels, moving things from one place to another, wasting too much time in front of the tv. How is this possible? went to bed late, leaving a couple of things on the sink to clean the following morning.

When we are in the van, everything is easy and practical. Yes, we cook, we use cutlery and we are still managing with an esky (cooler), things work well…very well.  We go out, do shopping, cook, work, exercise, chat, have leisure time and we get to bed early an relaxed.

Somehow being back in a house didn’t suit us well. We received a kind offer of house-sitting again for an entire week but we had to decline it.



Meanwhile, we decided to have the weekends away from the city. We were going places were the sky seems to have more stars than ever before.

Have met friendly people who like to say hi, have a bit of a chat, get free fresh fruit and veggies picked straight from trees.

It is true what you hear, VanLife comes with freedom, freedom of materialistic stuff, freedom of stress, freedom of

One month down…and as we pull over in front of the ocean and get ready to get in bed, we wonder how long this will go for.




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