Online Graphic Design Tools for Beginners
How cool are infographics? I know right? where, with the help of you can make your very own in just a few minutes.

This tool comes with heaps of templates and icons to use and customize your infographic. Well worth checking it out.




A software to work with vectors if you are new or don’t have access to the Adobe Creative Suite.

Inkscape is similar to Illustrator, comes with very handy tools and lots of tutorials to get you started.



Sumo Paint

An image editor that will make your life easy and your photos waaaay better without even thinking about Photoshop.

Lets you import and export images from your computer and modify them in so many ways. It gives you the ability of edit the color of your image but also add shapes and text.




Another photo editor available online. Takes the user on a simple journey to transform images giving you a great result.

This tool comes with filters and effects, perfect for someone initiating photo editing.

All the mentioned told above are basic, most of them free or come with a free trail. They are excellent way of getting your creative juices out. They are also go to work online or when you are in a rush.


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