Why You Should Have a Social Media Detox

Since I’ve been living in a van, and cancelled the internet contract, I have been a lot less exposed to the web and all social media platforms. I find myself spending a top of 20min online per day, sometimes none.

With this change, I have noticed the impact that brings to other areas of my life. So, why should you have a social media detox?



  • Sleep better
  • Relax More
better posture

better posture

  • Better posture and less muscle soreness
  • Give your eyes a break from the screen
time with friends

time with friends

  • It improves the way you interact with friends
  • More and better communication with your partner
do more of what you love

do more of what you love

  • More time to spend doing something you love
  • Reconnect with the real world
  • Gain lots of free time
more time spent outdoors

more time spent outdoors


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