The Difference Between Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign

Hi guys, I’ve had people asking me what is the best tool to use for their designs. What kind of things can you do with AI, PSD and InD and what you can’t do with each of them, so I thought I explain briefly what each of the softwares is for, then it is up to you to decide which one you’d like to give it a go.


Purely image editing. Everything and anything that you want to do to a photo.

You can have a digital photo or even a screenshot or you can scanned a document, magazine or old school photo to your computer and have it edited your way.

Photoshop allows you to crop, resize, enhance color and control the light in a photo. Its tools also lets you to add text to an image and geometric shapes.

You can create book or magazine covers but it does not facilitates the ability of creating a layout work (e.g. magazine, brochures).


This is a vector based software.

With this program you can create illustrations including logo designs and icons. You can also add and edit text.

Illustrator gives you the option to add pages, however, if you are thinking of having a few pages document then it is better to use InDesign.


The perfect program to create layouts. If you would like to create a flyer, poster, magazine, brochures, etc., InDesign is the digital tool to use.

This program doesn’t allow you to do much to an image, therefore, is better to work them on a different software (e.g. Photoshop).  However, you can import edited images and vectors from Illustrator.

As you can see, the objective of each software is completely different, but there a some similarities and tools they get to share. The three programs go hand by hand.

If you have any questions, don’t forget to ad a comment or contact me.

Color of the Year 2017

It is not surprise that this year’s color is Greeny (Pantone 15-0343) as we are leaning towards a more eco-friendly lifestyle, sustainable living, outdoors, and see lots of vegetarian foods. We are more connected to nature (or would like to) and trends seem to be focus on health.

The color is selected every year by Pantone depending on the culture movements and trends. Keep an eye out as the entire 2017 you can see all forms of art and design representing or including Greenery.

Beautiful color for the year! Is good to keep in mind that this is a positive color that represents harmony, a fresh start, balance and can be relaxing.


The Design Conference 2016 recap

Super excited to share with you this link where you can checkout the ENTIRE TDC 2016. All speakers with their entire talks are available.

In the agenda you can find the fun of Todd Francis, the cool work of Paul Garbett, the quirkiness of Branden Harvey and listen more about the design journey of Nicole Phillips, Kitiya Plasmas, Lisa King and many others.

I encourage you to have a look at them and be prepare to end up your day highly inspired.


Photo Editing: Clone Stamp Tool

Ok all, today I’d like to show you a super simple, quick and easy way of removing things from an image.  The way of doing this editing is by opening the image in Photoshop and using the Clone Stamp tool.

In my original image (above), you can see that the areas I would like to remove are the people that are either swimming in the ocean or lying down on the sand. To do so, I had to select a sample of the area around the people (e.g. Ocean) by using the Clone Stamp tool.

Once everyone got removed, I decided to cropped the photo to remove the main person on the left side. To finish, I adjust the light and contrast of the photo, this way the colors seem richer.