VanLife: The Conversion Continues

Oh boy! it feels like it has been ages since the last VanLife update, but the last couple of weeks just didn’t feel like we were achieving much, all the opposite, it felt like we went backwards somehow 😦

We (ok, Mark), organized for most of the furniture and appliances to be stored, given away or who knows, the fact is that at the moment, the house is looking emptied but messy…super messy.

packing boxes

We have a huge amount of clothes and small loose things on every single room in the house and this is driving me crazy. You see, I don’t deal with cluttering well. I think that to be able to be productive and calm, I must have a tidy space; untidy place = untidy brain I say.

The last few days have been all about clearing the house, we ordered the waste bin, which got filled within a day. And have been donating a big deal of clothes, shoes and appliances.

Anyway, the van is pretty much the same as before. After going away we found out the modification we needed and the areas that must be implemented, since then, the kitchen cabinets need to be redesign.

We decided to leave the two full doors, however, there will be draws in one side  (sink side), while the other one will be divided in half by a shelve. This work has just started, so will bring you a final product in a few more days.

draw plan

The footstool/seat under the bead has been fixed, it now has wheels and can be moved around easily even with lots of weight in it. This was always the intent; we just didn’t have time to sort it before going on the mini trip.

Biggest addition at this stage is the new invertor and tv setup. The invertor provides us power so we can run many things at once, we can have the tv on while using laptops and charging mobiles; it is really good. Even better when all the energy is coming from the solar panels


tv ready

We are almost there!

Yoga Festival Must Packs (with a free printable)

Before you go donward-facing dog here and there, get your packing right for your next yoga festival and enjoy the chaturanga!

Below is the list of the standard items you are most likely to need. You can also download the free printable Yoga-Fest-Packing-List

  • yoga mat
  • sunscreen
  • bottle of water
  • sunnies
  • hat
  • gym towel
  • cash
  • a small snack (I tend to take a protein ball or dry nuts).
  • mobile pone
  • lipstick (for selfie time 😉)
  • yoga throw (or scarf) comes very handy at the Savasana part
  • freshener wipes

Some of the extras you might like to have are: book, journal, yoga blocks, headband, bug repellent.

It is a good idea to wear layered clothes, especially when some of the events take place at the beach, where it can get breezy or in the woods where it gets a bit chilly.

Tip – Not all yoga festivals are the same, so it is always better to check with the event organizers. Some places don’t allow big lenses cameras, others no plastic bottles, etc. Or there might not be lockers available. So better to get informed beforehand.

To give you an idea of some of the yoga and wellness festivals out there, check out the post Wonderful Wanderlust 108 or BaliSpirit Festival

Kombu What?

It is called kombucha and it is good!

This fermented drink is not new, in fact, is a thousands year old tea also known as “the tea of immortality”.


Kombucha originated in China and it is believed to have many health benefits; if I have to be honest, it seems to be a bit of lack of evidence, nevertheless, kombucha is getting more popular each day.  Some of those benefits are:

  • Anti-oxidant
  • Prevent arthritis
  • Ease joint pain
  • Detoxifies
  • Increases energy
  • Gut health

Kombucha is full of probiotics which helps boosting the immune system, improves digestive function and helps with the prevention and treating of urinary infections.

The ancient drink has tons of enzymes and bacterial acids that the body produces. It also has hyaluronic acid, which, enables flexibility, tissue structure, moisture, and lubrication.

So, what does it taste like?

Kombucha taste is similar to drinking cider. with that bit of effervescence, although it can be a little bitter. Nowadays there are many flavours available, some of the most popular ones you can find are: oolong tea, black tea, green tea, and white tea.

It does contain alcohol but in a very minimal (tiny) quantity (about 1%). It is not considered an alcoholic drink but a health one.

Where to find kombucha?

You can try this drink by visiting a  kombucha brewery or it is often found in health cafes, specially those ones that are focus on raw, organic or vegan food.

Have a look around your supermarket too. In the last couple of years, breweries have been stocking the shelves of lots of food shops and supermarkets.

kombucha is available in many health cafes in Bali

5 Must-Haves for Cinco de Mayo

Put your sombrero on and prepare for a big fiesta with the following must have items to celebrate Cinco de Mayo

Although this date is not really celebrated in Mexico, it is a big day in the USA, a day full of colour, music, friends and delicious food.

I could think of a hundred things to have in a Mexican celebration, however, these are the five must have things for a killer Cinco de Mayo fiesta.

piñatas in the Mexican markets


Piñatas are so much fun. Fill them up with lollies and fruits and let all your guests have a good time.



I mean, do I have to explain this? tacos are super tasty and you can get really creative with their fillings. What about setting up a taco bar?


Margaritas and Corona

Yum! I couldn’t choose only one and why should I? both are de-li-cious. Ensure you have plenty of lime and lemon wedges near your drinks, besides being the perfect companion they can become part of the decoration.


Guacamole and corn chips

This is everyone’s favourite! and a healthy snack to have around.


Colourful Decorations

Make them bright and colourful. Ensure there are lots of papel picado (paper-cutting Mexican art), you can hang them from the ceiling, add flowers and succulents, balloons, etc.


If you haven’t had a Mexican themed party, this is your chance. Why not trying a Cinco de Mayo party? good fun and good food 🙂


Detox, Relax and Enjoy: Fruit Infused Water

I am up for everything pretty but when it comes to food and drinks it must be pretty and yummy.

Today I’d like to share with you an easier way to achieve those 8 glasses of water a day.

Fruit infused water is something I keep in my fridge everyday, the recipes are super easy to make, healthy and delicious.

For all the recipes, add 1 cup of each ingredient and 1lt of water.

Leave in the fridge between 2 and 6 hours. The longer you leave it, the more flavour the water gets.

berries infused water

cucumber + citric

This one is so refreshing and helps with digestion

Lime slices

lemon slices


Minty lime

Had a bit too much bad foods on the weekend? #noWorriesHoney with this infused water helping the fat-burning process

Green tea (1 bag)

mint leaves

lime slices

Very berry




One that everyone loves and helps you stay hydrated and forget the stress.