VanLife: A mix between living in a van and housesitting

It seems like as soon as people know you are living in a van, they think you need a house… hmm…

I get it, it is easy to think that, I will totally be thinking that if I wasn’t living in a van. But the true story is completely different.

Living in a van is really good. You still have everything you need, but (at least for us) the aim was to declutter, reduce the space we live in, reduce the amount of things we use, stop buying so many things.

Things that are only that…things and nothing else. They don’t provide you with much excitement of benefit. We wanted to create an experience for us, we wanted a new challenge in life.

I’m not going to lie, the thing that will be good to have in the van is a toilet but we haven’t had problems with that anyway.

These few months we have been living in a van, we have also housesit a little bit. The first time we did it, it was for like 1 or 2 nights (can’t remember) but omg, we found it so exhausting! being in a house just gave us stress, a lot of work, tiredness and not much leisure or productive time. The owners of that same place offered us the house to stay for an extra week… we had to decline the offer.

We did it again for another few days, in a different house. This one was a complete yes because we had to look after 3 cats!!!! OMG we could not say no and without even knowing dates, house location, etc, we agreed to that. We are missing our little Tigger terribly, so we had an awesome time looking after the kitties, but yes, we also got very tire at the end.

Now we just recently housesat a place in a great location for us. The owners have a big family, so the house was massive and they had every single thing you could possibly need. Since then, we are changing the approach we take when housesitting.
Besides all that, we got to spent great times with two cute dogs that we totally fell in love with and we are still hoping to see them every now and them to be their adoptive parents 🙂

We are now just take the housesitting as it comes, and it is like a mini break, it is still something new, we get to try different areas in the city, gives us time to do laundry, re-organise things in the van and if there is wifi, I get to have video calls with family and friends overseas.

So, we didn’t like the idea of housesitting at the beginning, but I think it was because we have been enjoying the VanLife from the very beginning and we just wanted to live that in full. Now, we have learnt to think that everyone lives life in a different way, and it is nice to experience them. We get benefits from housesitting but we also get very happy going back to our mobile home.

The good thing that we have to remember is that most of the time people is trying to be nice, or they need help with someone looking after their beloved pets and we are still having the VanLife afterwards.


VanLife: What does it mean?

As some of you might know, Mark and I decided a few months back to change the way we live and take on the VanLife full-time. But you might be wondering, what is VanLife?

| Youtube video: VanLife: What does it mean? |

VanLife is more than just living in a car, for us, is a way of thinking.
It means to go back to basics and live life in a very easy and simple way .

The VanLife experience is to care more about creating experiences rather than having possessions.

For us, living this way means fun, connecting more with each other, and a break of routine.

The VanLife also means movement, it might be a little or a lot of travel for some. It involves seeing new places and trying new ways of doing things.

VanLife is definitely liberating, it gives you a sense of freedom and self awareness. It is not worrying about what people might think or say but to concentrate only in your own journey.

shower ready to be used

VanLife: Trying a Solar Camp Shower

Did i tell you about that time we used our portable shower?

portable shower

portable shower

It has been one of the best things i have experienced with the VanLife. I have tried outdoor showers before but this thing was something else.

We were away from the city, in the middle of nowhere. We found a place made for us. flat  ground, not loose sand, big area, with few trees around, lots of bush, good view but still got a lot of privacy and an open space. Perfect place to have a campfire.

So yes, we had a good setup. Chairs, table, fire burning getting our tea ready. Then, we decided to try out the new portable shower.

great spot we got

great spot we got

The portable shower is a simple bag that you fill with water and has a shower head with a handle so you can open and clse the water tab. It holds 20 liters and it is suppose to get warm with the sun.

We bought it in Kmart just to try it out because it was cheap, and I mean like $10AUD something like that. Easy to carry around and we thought that even if it is not used as a shower, we could always use it for something else like washing dishes, etc.

new portable shower

new portable shower

Mark hanged the bag from the top of the van, it was lying on the side of the van, against a window. Then, on the ground, we placed a mat…ok,it really is a piece of synthetic grass, which not only looks great but works nicely.

It was cold outside and the sun was setting, but we had a great spot and awesome setting. The water was boiling in the fire, then we put some of it in the portable shower. So yeah, we had a hot and relaxing shower.

Fire ready

Fire ready

It was pretty cool. I was the brave one who decided to try the shower first. And it was one of those showers you don’t want it to end. Where I was, I could feel the warmth of the fire, had the sunset as view, and was standing on the (synthetic) grass so didn’t have to worry about having sand on my feet. Just a shower but it was such a great experience #BestShowerEver

shower bag

shower bag


VanLife: A road trip has been cancelled

Get the tissues out, I’m devastated now that we had to cancel our road trip. Ok, not really. Here is what happened.

Now that we have a mobile home, we were thinking about doing an #awesome road trip, it will be silly not to. It was all planned to happen this month. Well, things happen and life changes. It turns out that we are not longer going to have our trip 😦 I know, devastating.

The reason is because Mark just got a new job, one where he doesn’t need to carry or store many tools. Very suitable for our new lifestyle.

Good thing is, he has a new job, which he seems to be enjoying very much; not so good is that we cancelled our road trip. But even better is that while Mark cannot take some time off work, I decided to book an unexpected holiday for myself… I’m traveling overseas instead.

our home

our home

What is even better, is to know that it doesn’t matter how long we continue with the VanLife or if we decide to stop it all and move into a mansion. We will still have the van and will be able to do that awesome road trip we want another time. Hopefully next year, we get to explore the north of Western Australia and get to show you what we get up to.

Meanwhile, VanLife continues. I believe it is very different to live the VanLife in a city (like us) were we get to travel only on the weekends/long-weekends, having a full-time job than traveling around without much of a schedule, however, I believe what both ways of living have in common is the break of routine, the goal of living a much simpler life,  and being connected to nature more.

After all, we are still having fun 😊🚐


Best and Easiest Margaritas Ever!

This month I’m feeling super patriotic with the Mexican independence day around the corner, so I would like to share with you two of my favorite margarita recipes, putting a tropical twist to one of them.

Feeling peckish? slice some pineapple, put in a bowl, sprinkle some chill powder, lime juice and a pinch of salt. Let it sit in the fridge while you prepare the drinks. Believe me, they are a great match!

Want to see the video recipe? check-out the vlog



Classic Margarita

What you’ll need
100ml Tequila blanco (clear tequila)
150ml Jose Cuervo margarita mix
lime wedges to garnish

*The recipe is based on two parts tequila, three parts margarita mix

You can mix everything using a blender or just pour the mix in a glass with ice. Enjoy!



Coconut Margarita Recipe

What you’ll need
3oz tequila blanco (clear tequila)
1 1/2oz triple sec
5oz coconut water
a coconut or glass (to serve the drink)
3oz coconut milk (light)

How to do it
1. In a shaker, combine the coconut milk and water, tequila blanco, and triple sec.
2. Shake well.
3. Pour into glasses with ice.
4. Serve with a lime wedge.