Aussie Slangs (vol.2)

The first time I brought you some Aussie slangs, they were very poplar! and I’m so glad because it is something I really like sharing with you.

Australian accent is unique, very strong for someone listening for the first time, and it gets 10 times harder to understand when they add their much beloved slangs.

ok so, here we go:

Ace! = Excellent!
Aussie = Australian
Avos = Avocados
Bail out = depart
Barbie = barbecue
Beaut or beauty = great
Bikkie = biscuit
Brizzie = Brisbane
Bush telly = campfire
Bushy = someone who lives in the bush
Chokkie = chocolate
Cockie – cockroach
Cranky = in a bad mood
Deadset = true
Dill = idiot
Dipstick = looser
Docket = a bill
Doc = Documentary
Fair go = A chance
Goon onya = well done
Heaps = a lot
Jumbuck = sheep
knock back = refuse
Longneck = 750ml bottle of beer
Mate’s rate = good price for a friend
Not worth a zack = not worth anything
Offsider = assistant
Op shop = thrift shop
Pash = passionate kiss
Pav = pavlova (Australian dessert)
Piece of piss = easy
Polly = politician
Rack off = get lost
Rage = party
Rego = vehicle registration
Rooted = ruined
Snag = sausage
Spewin’ = very angry
Spunk = someone good looking
Stoked = excited
Yewy = u-turn

Australian slangs

Australian slangs


8 Must Try Balinese Foods

One of the best things of traveling is that you get to try many different foods and flavours, and Bali is one of those places that is so rich in this topic.



 This fried rice is Indonesia’s national dish. Heaps of flavours go into this dish with main ingredients like shallots, egg, tamarind, chilli, garlic and shrimp paste.
If you visit Bali you will find this dish everywhere. Seriously, it is in every restaurant menu and is very rare it goes wrong.

nasi goreng


I could have this fried noodles dish anytime!. Mie goreng as well as the fired rice can be found in every balinese restaurant but it is also a very popular to be a dish on every hotel menu. If there is buffet breakfast, there is mie goreng.

mie goreng


Think of slow roast pork…mmm, mmm, mmm…delish!
It is normally served with steamed rice and a mild chilli sauce on top.
There are restaurants which specialise in this dish only! and they are all over the island. A popular place to visit is Ibu Oka which has a few branches.

babi gluing


This is the Balinese pancake. It is a thick sponge filled with yumminess. You can find them filled of chocolate, nutella, cheese and/or peanuts.

Mertabak manis


As a Mexican I loooove corn, so this Bali food was a definitely must try for me. You’ll find food vendors walking along the streets. As you can imagine, it is super cheap
The corn is grilled and can have different topics, making it sweet, savoury or both at the same time 😉

street corn


I am not big on chicken but the Balinese know how to add a good twist to it. The satay sauce they make for this dish is soon yummy. One of my favourites! #classic
The chicken is usually served in skewers covered on a creamy peanut sauce

chicken satay


You either love it or you hate it. This dessert is made with black rice and it is far from the rice pudding you have tried before. It contains coconut milk and palm sugar, however, It is not too sweet and the consistency can be quite runny. It has a unique taste well worth trying.

Black rice pudding


I could live of Balinese fruit juices, they are so delicious! and it is guarantee that they are made freshly just before serving. I recommend you go for either pineapple, watermelon or dragon fruit…delicious!

fresh fruit juice

6 Reasons Why You Should Visit Vancouver


The charming streets of Gastown will steal your heart. This area is a mix of old buildings, cobble stoned streets, restaurants, cafes, bars and all types of shops, including souvenirs.

Stanley Park

400 hectare rainforest with 200 kilometres of walking and cycling paths. But Stanley park is much more than that, it offers tourist an visitors great experiences from historical landmarks, cafes, aquarium, beaches, and the list continues.



Believe it or not, the pizza in Vancouver is delicious and there are so many pizza shops. It is very common for people to grab a slice of pizza on the go.

Breath Taking Views

You can have ocean and mountains at the same time. The views in Vancouver are jaw dropping at all times. The city has also stunning lakes, hots springs and waterfalls.

view from mountain

Maple Syrup and Trees

But of course! the streets of the city are beautiful all year round covered on maple trees, it is beautiful to see them changing through the four seasons.


The Capilano suspension bridge is a stunning spot! you can walk through the bridge while enjoying being surrounded by a marvellous forest.

Capitano bridge

6 of The Best Quick Getaways Near Perth WA


Distance from Perth: 2 hours
What to Expect: Relaxation at its best. This place is super chill but at the same time has all the facilities you need and plenty of accommodation for all styles and budgets. Go fishing, visit the sand dunes, see sea lions or take a drive through the fantastic Pinnacles desert.

Rottnest Island

Distance from Perth: from 25mins to 1 hour (depending were you take the ferry)
What to Expect: Get that holidays feeling without traveling too far. Rottnest is a great place to relax but also get active! there are so many activities for the whole family.
Explore the island by bike and admire the cute little quokkas.

Rottnest island

Bremer Bay

Distance from Perth: 5.5 hours
What to Expect: Swimming, surfing, kayaking and all water activities. However, there is also a museum to visit, some shops, the Fitzgerald National Park and a sports club to try some tennis or golf.

Karri Valley

Distance from Perth: 3.5 hours
What to Expect: In Karri Valley you can go canoeing, bushwalk, birdwatching. Get on the scenic tram ride, try some hand-made chocolates, visit a winner or go horse riding.

The popular things to visit in this area are the Beedelup National Park & Waterfalls and the Bibbulmun walk tack.


Perth Hills

Distance from Perth: 45 minutes
What to Expect: Go wine or cider tasting, have a picnic and visit the art galleries.

Have a swim in Lake Leschenaultia, take photos of the national park and the Munda Biddi Cycle trail.

Ferguson Valley

Distance from Perth: 2 hours
What to Expect: small town where you can visit wineries and breweries, and my favorite, Gnomesville.


Your Home in Canggu: KTS Day Spa & Retreat by Ngeluwungan

This place…oh this place!

I came to Canggu, Bali as I wanted to experience it in full, besides, i heard about a lot of good restaurants around this area, so it wasn’t a difficult decision.


I stayed at KTS Day Spa & Retreat by Ngeluwungan, and let me tell you, I could not have chosen a better place to spend my holidays, the place is beautiful, has a great décor, and excellent service. The rooms/villas are huge and are surrounded by lots of plants and bushy trees. And have everything you could possibly need.

The hotel is located a short drive from the main area of Canggu, and moving around is easy when this guys offer transportation service such as: cab booking, airport transfers, tours, as well as hire of scooters and bikes. It works out perfectly as you can have a busy day out but get tranquility and silence when walking into the hotel.

room sign


KTS has a spa which is so worth trying. While you get pampered, you will only hear the sound water and birds. I recommend one of the spa packages #purebliss . The balinese massage I had was without a doubt one of the best ones I’ve had in Bali!.

There is a restaurant in the hotel which offers the yummy Indonesian meals, but if you feel more adventurous you can find frog in their menu! there is also a bar and a great size swimming pool.

black rice pudding…delicious!

KTS swimming pool


One of the highlights of KTS is the easy and good communications with the staff. They have been extraordinary from day one, they reply to emails promptly and the service in-house is friendly; they sure go out of their way to ensure you have a fantastic experience.

KTS Day Spa & Retreat its a gem that you cannot miss when visiting Bali, quiet, peaceful, beautiful…bring your camera and enjoy being surrounded by nature.


enjoying the sun

If you get to stay here, let me know your experience! I’m sure it will be a VERY positive one.

KTS Facebook page: Katak Tepi Sawah Villa & Spa