7 Reasons to Love Guadalajara City, Mexico

Guadalajara is the second largest city in Mexico. Life there is very active but very colorful and with plenty of things to do 24/7.

I lived in Guadalajara for quite a few years and had some of the best experiences there. Let me tell you 10 of the reason why that city and its lifestyle have a piece of my heart.


1 – Tequila!

blue agave

blue agave

But of course! Guadalajara (city), Jalisco (estate), is the home of this world famous drink.

There is in fact a town called Tequila in which most of the distilleries can be found.


2- Street food

Mexican food

Mexican food

Ten out of ten to the flavours of all the food that can be found in the street stalls.

There are hundreds of different foods, snacks and desserts. The food stalls can be found all day long and some have foods that can only be found in Guadalajara.


3 – Markets

colorful Mexican treats

colorful Mexican treats

Not just on the weekends but also during the week, there are thousands of markets happening around the city. Some have a theme while the majority sell everything you can imagine. From food, fashion, electronics, arts…seriously, everything.

The markets can be from 2-3 up to 8-10 streets long. Some are open during the mornings,while many others most of the day.


4 – Mariachi



There is no comparison to the sounds of a mariachi band.

The performance of a mariachi band is something unique that I believe everyone should experience. They are fantastic musicians that set the right mood on every party.

It is popular to find the mariachi bands in parties but also in diverse kind of restaurants.


5 – Football passion

football game

football game

If you didn’t know, let me tell you that football is one of the most important things in Mexico but when referring to Guadalajara, football is pure passion.

One of the biggest Mexican teams makes this city its home, therefore, when is football season, its all you see and hear in the city.

I have been on sports games in different countries but nothing compares to the energy and passion that is lived in the football stadium in Guadalajara. The place vibrates with all the cheering.


6 – Nightlife



Guadalajara city is covered in bars, restaurants and clubs. My favorites are the bars with live music.

Many of them clos between 1 and 3am, however, you always find some that stay open all night.

Guadalajara offers lots of hotspots for everyone that likes a little bit of party and good food. In that range you can always find the traditional Mexican bars best know as ‘cantinas’.



7 – Buildings



Architecture in Guadalajara is big. There’s a mix of modern infrastructures with old historical buildings, giving this city so much character.

It is great to see the contrast of areas you can find around the city. Downtown is very colorful and has so much history, while the newest areas are so crisp and modern.

Coolest Things to See and Do in Western Australia

A cemetery with kangaroos

Pinaroo is the name of the place, and is very well known in WA. It is the first place that Perth people take their visitors to.

I know, it sounds creepy as it is a cementery BUT in reality, it is a beautiful and peaceful spot.

I come to this place very often as it is 2 minutes from my place. The perfect spot to grab a few snacks and have a picnic while enjoying the company of the roos.



Get to meet quokkas!

When in Perth, book yourself a ticket to visit Rottnest Island, the place where you will find quokkas in their natural ambience.

These little things are getting more and more popular in social media, as they have gotten a title of the happiest animals in the world. This is because they are the perfect buddy to get a selfie with. When they look at the camera, seems like they’re always smiling. Too cute!



Sun, sun & more sun

Perth, the capital of Western Australia is the list of the sunniest cities in the world with an average of 8 hours of sunshine per day.

This causes that everyone get together at the beach or throw a bbq in one of the fantastic parks that the city offers.

sunny day in Perth


Just 1.5 hours south from Perth, there is Ferguson Valley were you can find Gnomesville…yep, it is exactly what it sounds like. A bush area where the only habitants are over 7,000 of gnomes.

It is a very quirky and interesting spot to add to tour road trip. It will fascinate everyone in the family. Don’t forget to bring your own gnome and a camera!


Ride a Camel

If you thought Australia was only kangaroos and koalas, I have news for you… camel ride is a popular experience not to be missed.

Cable Beach is a world famous place located in Broome. There’s no better spot to take in the view that from the back of a camel.


Swim with whale sharks

Visit the Ningaloo reef to swim with the biggest fish, the whale shark. This is a seasonal thing, so I suggest you check their website before planning your visit. Depending on the time of the year you visit, you might even get to see humpback whales, turtles and rays!

Whale shark


Monkey Mia

Monkey Mia is a beautiful sunny spot where you will get to see wild dolphins as they arrive every morning to say hi to visitors of the Shark Bay.

The bottlenose dolphins get to visit the shore up to three times a day, depending the season. And if that is not enough, there are many tours available to have a full and unforgettable experience.

See wild dolphins

Surf at Margaret River

Besides been a beautiful and chill out place with lots of wineries and stunning landscapes, this region is great to have a surf or attend the Drug Aware Surf competition that takes place every year.

Margaret River is very well known worldwide for their surfing. You will find many places to hire surfboards or book lessons.




Forget cold wind and snowfalls. Instead, hit the Western Australian sand dunes on a hot and sunny day. This is a must-do experience.

A great spot to practice sandboarding is Lancelin, only 1.5 hours north of Perth. Lancelin gives its visitors breathtaking views of the sand dunes, beautiful natural formations. Just don’t forget to wear your goggles when riding down the dunes.

Sandbar in the dunes

The Cellar Doors in Margaret River Region You Should Visit

Vasse Felix

This place is stunning!

Enjoy the beautiful views while being in they wine lounge, tasting one of their great cabernet sauvignon or chardonnay wines.

And if that isn’t enough, you can have a fine dinning experience at their restaurant or spend an afternoon in their art gallery.

Swings Taphouse & Kitchen

Expect to have the best time here as the staff will welcome you in a friendly and warm manner.

Have some of their mouthwatering tapas and enjoy their great selection of wines.


Bettenay Wines

This is a place I keep coming back to.

Bettenay is much more than wines, they are a nougat company too. You will be surprised by their service, they will make you feel so comfortable while you taste some wines and browse through their nougat range.

Try cranberry & pistachio nougat and their chilli infused fortified- it is a must.



Palmer Wines

Winery, restaurant and cellar door in a beautiful setting and Tuscan decor.

You can have lunch while enjoying a shiraz or merlot, both award winner wines!.

happy place



You will feel at home in Barnyard 1978. Their cozy and friendly atmosphere creates the perfect moment for you to enjoy a glass of wine or beer.

The food in Barnyard 1978  is one of my favourites in the region, where you can also purchase pasta, organic honey, and sauces…delicious!



Aussie Slangs (vol.2)

The first time I brought you some Aussie slangs, they were very poplar! and I’m so glad because it is something I really like sharing with you.

Australian accent is unique, very strong for someone listening for the first time, and it gets 10 times harder to understand when they add their much beloved slangs.

ok so, here we go:

Ace! = Excellent!
Aussie = Australian
Avos = Avocados
Bail out = depart
Barbie = barbecue
Beaut or beauty = great
Bikkie = biscuit
Brizzie = Brisbane
Bush telly = campfire
Bushy = someone who lives in the bush
Chokkie = chocolate
Cockie – cockroach
Cranky = in a bad mood
Deadset = true
Dill = idiot
Dipstick = looser
Docket = a bill
Doc = Documentary
Fair go = A chance
Goon onya = well done
Heaps = a lot
Jumbuck = sheep
knock back = refuse
Longneck = 750ml bottle of beer
Mate’s rate = good price for a friend
Not worth a zack = not worth anything
Offsider = assistant
Op shop = thrift shop
Pash = passionate kiss
Pav = pavlova (Australian dessert)
Piece of piss = easy
Polly = politician
Rack off = get lost
Rage = party
Rego = vehicle registration
Rooted = ruined
Snag = sausage
Spewin’ = very angry
Spunk = someone good looking
Stoked = excited
Yewy = u-turn

Australian slangs

Australian slangs