Vlogging time!

New Youtube channel has been created!

I like blogging and mostly playing with images from pre-production to the end but sometimes and somethings are better when they are shown in a video.

I have decided to start vlogging and hoping to mix it up a little bit. The fun thing about this, is that is a new project, with new tools to explore and skills to build.

Will be challenging to record videos while living in a van BUT in the other hand, I will be able to show you VanLife videos. Some videos are in Spanish and others in English.

Will definitely try to have as much fun as possible, so come say hi in the channel and please subscribe 🙂

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCO4pzWYUin4tuHkhiTDvj4A
Facebook: @kena.cm.design
Instagram: kena_cm_design


The VanLife Continues

The mobile life continues and we are feeling more comfortable each day, specially when we can see the end of winter.

We took a break from the cold and wet days in Perth and headed to Singapore for a week. The last few days before we left had clear and sunny skies. I didn’t realized how much I have missed that warmth feeling.

As we are getting to the end of winter in Australia, I start getting excited for the new seasons to come ahead with the VanLife.

It has been amazing just opening the van door and have a beautiful view, the brightness of the sun and being surronded by docens of birds.

We have been parking in parks along the coast, so the sound of the waves has been a massive plus. We get to have a beautiful view in the morning and after work; those morning walks are on the beach, and when driving to work is always a scenic route. We can definitely see the end of winter but I might be speaking too soon.

This few months living in the van have gone smoothly. We have been approached by cops only twice, but that wasn’t an issue at all! All the opposite, it has gave us a sense of calmness and safe feeling after chatting to them. Its is good to let them know where we are and that we are not doing any troubles 😉

When the nights are dark and quiet, Mark has decided to grab his skateboard and go for a ride. He goes for hours and rides the empty streets of Perth while everyones sleeps.

A few kilometres later, when his legs start aching he comes back home, we have a chat, watch the sun rise and head to breakfast.

VanLife its amazing these days! It is all happiness and liberating. We are now thinking of putting our hard hat on and start fixing and adding some stuff to the van. Hopefully soon i will get to tell you about the latets additions.

Chat soon

Redesign (not just) the logo for Greggs

For this new (study) project, I was required to redesign the logo for Gregg, a UK company that sells food ‘on-the-go’.

Gregg has a big range of products, which include coffee, sandwiches, salads, bakes, etc.

Taking in consideration the huge areas where design can go in a company like this, I decided to redesign the logo but also create only a few stationery items. Otherwise this could have gotten bigger than expected.

Ok, so… have a look at the process that was something like this:

  • Clarify design brief
  • Structure a working plan
  • Research Greggs company and it competitors
  • Brainstorming
  • Idea creation
  • Feedback
  • Idea creation (vol.2)
  • Adjustments
  • Decide on Font
  • Finalize logo
  • Select color palette
  • Stationery design
  • Style guide
  • Final product (all files for print and digital)


Old logo formed of name, squares, blue and orange.

original logo

Some of the ideas in digital  and a brief description

some of the ideas

Idea selected

selected logo


modifications to the selected logo

New logo

final logo

Color palette

color palette specifications

Stationery design


Branding on products


Creation of a corporate style guide

Corporate Style Guide

New Year’s Goals – 2016 Bucket List

It is the time we all think about what we’ve done in the past and get an idea of what we want to achieve in the future.We all have a bucket list which might call wishes, dreams or life goals.

I have to say that I have never before sat down and written down a bucket list until now, however, I’ve decided that this one will be only for things I would like to see happening this year. Ok, so here it is:


I also got some other ideas to help you put yours together:





Slice of Pizza